quanteda tutorials

By Kohei Watanabe and Stefan Müller

This website contains a step-by-step introduction to quantitative text analysis using quanteda. The chapters cover a short introduction to R, how to import text data, basic operations of quanteda, how to construct a corpus, tokens objects, a document-feature matrix, and how to conduct advanced operations. The final chapter deals with text scaling and document classification.

The quanteda team has created several additonal useful resources, such as vignettes, replications, a cheatsheet and a comparison to other text analysis packages to get you started. The chapter Install quanteda explains how to install R, RStudio and quanteda.

This tutorial will be used in the Workshop Introduction to Quantitative Text Analysis using Quanteda at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center on January 31, 2018.

All chapters are work in progress. Contributions in the form of feedback, comments, code, and bug reports are most welcome.

Examples in this tutorial are written for quanteda version 1.0.0. Please check if you have the same version installed by a command packageVersion('quanteda').